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At Kambrell Garvin Law Firm, LLC, we know that truck accidents can result in devastating and life-threatening injuries or even death for those involved. Trucking collisions often cause significant injuries given the sheer difference in size between a sedan and a large truck (18-wheeler or tractor trailer). For instance, an 80,000-pound truck traveling at 70 miles per hour would be the equivalent of an average 4,000 pound sedan traveling at 361 miles per hour. That’s a big difference. 

Trucking accidents can be caused by truck drivers who are rushing, fatigued, distracted, reckless, or may be dealing with substance abuse (drugs/alcohol). Trucking companies may also share liability if it is shown that the lack of maintenance (for example, worn tires or brakes), failure to enforce regulations, or insufficient employee training contributed to the truck accident. Each year there are numerous truck accidents on our roadways. If you have been involved in a truck accident, immediately consulting with an experienced Truck Accident Attorney is important. 

At KGLF, our skilled team knows that trucking cases are usually far more complex than car accident cases. For instance, trucking companies are mandated by law to retain maintenance records and detailed driver logs. Many trucks also have video cameras and black boxes that store essential information that could be useful in proving liability. Our firm knows the necessary steps to take in order to quickly preserve evidence, properly investigate the cause of the accident, and the applicable trucking standards and safety regulations governing truck drivers. It’s important that you hire an experienced truck accident lawyer to help protect your interest. Kambrell Garvin Law Firm, LLC, is committed to fighting for justice for victims of truck accidents and holding every negligent  individual and/or entity responsible for their wrongdoing.  

Why Our Firm?

Attorney Kambrell Garvin knows what it takes to go up against big insurance companies who will use every tool in their kit to prevent victims of  trucking cases from receiving the justice that they deserve. At KGLF, we do all of the heavy lifting and know how to effectively deal with the insurance company’s tactics. 

As a boutique law firm, we are committed to providing your case the individualized attention that it deserves. Attorney Kambrell Garvin will be involved with every aspect of your personal injury case thus allowing you to rest easy and focus on recovery. 

Kambrell started his legal career clerking for a prominent insurance, school, and municipal defense firm. He later gained invaluable experience practicing law at one of the top plaintiff’s firms in South Carolina. These experiences equipped Kambrell with the necessary skills to effectively advocate for our clients and obtain justice. Early in his career, Kambrell learned the value of preparing every case for trial from day one. Kambrell knows that building a strong foundation for your case is key – and insurance companies take note of this approach.  

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