It’s Easy to Get Started

Once you sign up with Kambrell Garvin Law Firm, LLC, we do all the heavy lifting!

7-Step Process

If you’ve been injured it’s important that you first report the accident to law enforcement, seek medical treatment if needed, and then contact Kambrell Garvin Law Firm, LLC, personal injury professionals, that can help you avoid making costly mistakes

Once you sign up with Kambrell Garvin Law Firm, LLC, we do all the heavy lifting and the insurance company has to come through us. Our firm is here to help and can be reached 24/7 via live chat or at 803-900-HURT.

1.   Free Case EvaluationIt doesn’t cost you anything for us to review your potential case. Once you have reported your accident to law enforcement and sought medical treatment, your next call should be to Kambrell Garvin Law Firm, LLC. Someone on our skilled staff is available 24/7 to assist you either by phone, webchat, or email.

2. Let’s Get to Work As a client, it’s important that you hire a lawyer that not only has the legal prowess to handle your case but also someone that’s emphatic, an effective advocate, and genuinely interested in knowing and understanding how your injury has impacted you and your family.

At Kambrell Garvin Law Firm, LLC, we are very selective about the cases that we accept as we are committed to providing exceptional service to each client. We are more concerned about the quality of our work output versus the quantity of cases. We go the extra mile to learn about our clients so that we can be an effective voice either with the insurance adjuster or before a jury. Early in his career, Kambrell learned the value of preparing every case for trial. Kambrell knows that preparation is key.

When you hire Kambrell Garvin Law Firm, LLC, there are no upfront costs for our clients. None. Our firm covers all expenses associated with your case (obtaining medical records, hiring experts, accident reconstructionist, investigators, etc.) and will only get paid once your case has resolved. This is why it’s important that we invest our resources (financial and otherwise) in cases that we truly believe in. We practice statewide in both South Carolina and North Carolina. We take great pride in getting to know our clients on their front porches, hospital bedside, living rooms, kitchen counters, and our downtown Columbia office. This personal touch enables us to be an effective voice and advocate in the courtroom and around negotiation tables for our clients best interest.

3.   Case Plan – It’s true – when you hire Kambrell Garvin Law Firm, LLC, we do all the heavy lifting. From sending letters of representation to the insurance company letting them know that they must come through us, obtaining police and accident reports, conducting thorough investigations, building case theory, hiring reconstructionist and experts if necessary, and preserving all relevant information (before it’s lost or destroyed) – our firm’s dedicated staff is committed to helping our clients focus on recovery – not spending time negotiating with an insurance adjuster or worrying about litigation. 

Our firm prides itself on providing a modernized legal experience and individually tailored plan for each client’s injury case. We have invested in innovative software that allows us to quickly communicate and provide regular case updates. Our goal is to keep you informed so that you aren’t left guessing about the status of your case.

4.   Medical Treatment – We help our clients with the recovery process. When you’ve been injured it’s important that you receive the necessary treatment for your injuries – even if you don’t have health insurance. KGLF will help guide you through the treatment process. Our goal is to help you receive quality medical care with the goal of making you “whole” by getting you back or as close to the same or better position that you were in prior to the injury. 

5.   Negotiations – During negotiations we will work with the insurance adjuster to ensure that our clients are fairly compensated for their medical bills (present and future cost), disability, lost wages and future loss earnings, pain and suffering, and/or wrongful death. The insurance company’s bottom line is to pay as little as possible to the injured. That’s why it’s important to hire a skilled injury lawyer to represent your interest and fight for every dollar that you deserve. 

6.   Settlement – Our goal is to ensure that clients receive an equitable settlement that accounts for all that you’ve been through. This occurs when the plaintiff and defendant(s) come to an agreement about a fair out of court settlement (financial compensation), which ends the plaintiff’s claim. At the end of the case, KGLF will also work with medical providers to reduce your medical bills, which allows you to receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

7.   Litigation – If we can’t reach a fair settlement agreement with the insurance company, our team has the experience and resources to file suit and try your case before a jury. We are committed to “fighting the good fight.” A lawsuit (complaint) is filed, delivered to the defendant, and the parties engage in discovery, depositions (interviews with witnessess under oath), mediation, and trial. A settlement agreement between the plaintiff and defendant can be reached any time before a final decision is made by the arbiter of facts (the judge or jury).