Kambrell Garvin Law Firm, LLC, is a boutique personal injury law firm based in downtown Columbia, SC. We serve clients throughout South Carolina and North Carolina. The firm’s principal attorney is Kambrell Garvin, a former rural public-school teacher and current member of the South Carolina Legislature

As a kid, Kambrell spent time observing the operations of his grandfather’s small-town business, which was pillared on honesty, hustle, altruistic service, and treating everyone with respect. On any given day, you could find neighbors stopping by his grandfather’s place to simply say hello, play a game of checkers, or seek assistance if in need. Modeled after this inclusive culture, Kambrell envisioned a law firm that was deeply rooted in the community, value-driven, result oriented, and that treated everyone like family – not just a case number.

Since grade school, Kambrell’s goal was to serve his community by running for elected office and one day building a personal injury firm. While in law school, Kambrell saw unmet needs in his district and felt that he could make a positive difference, so he decided to run for the State House. Although he was a full-time student, had few political connections, and very limited financial resources – Kambrell believed that with hard work, grit, and determination that he would be successful. In 2018, at age 26, he defeated a longtime political incumbent in a landslide, upset, victory.

Kambrell clerked for a well-respected insurance, school, and municipal defense firm. He later gained invaluable experience practicing law at a reputable plaintiff’s firm in South Carolina. In 2022, at age 30, Kambrell desired to have an even greater long term impact on his community and launched Kambrell Garvin Law Firm, LLC. He knew that the clients would come if he invested in a modernized, mission and value driven firm centered on honesty, hustle, altruistic service, and treating everyone with respect

Kambrell takes great pride in getting to know injured clients on their front porches, living rooms, hospital bedside, kitchen counters or our Columbia office. When we understand our clients’ stories, it enables us to be their voice in the courtroom and at the negotiation table. Kambrell knows just how powerful one’s voice can be after learning to manage a speech impediment as a kid. As a lawyer, it’s an honor for him to now use his voice to help his clients overcome difficult and oftentime life-shattering situations. 

Kambrell is no stranger to being the underdog and beating the odds. He’s gone toe-to-toe with some of the largest firms and insurance companies on behalf of his clients. He brings a unique perspective, drive, vision, and tenacious spirit to every case and issue. As a former grade-school teacher, Kambrell has the ability to simplify complex topics and share a compelling story before a jury. Early in his career, Kambrell learned the value of preparing every case for trial from day one. Kambrell knows that building a strong foundation for your case is key – and insurance companies take note of this approach.  

Kambrell has handpicked a highly skilled and experienced team that shares his dedication and passion to helping our injured clients. At KGLF, we believe that our clients should be focused on their recovery – not spending time negotiating with an insurance adjuster or worrying about litigation. Our firm prides itself on providing individually tailored plans for each client’s injury case. Additionally, we are intentional about regularly communicating updates to our clients. 

As you select a law firm, we believe that it is important to choose a firm that has developed a niche area of practice. At KGLF, we take great pride in serving injured clients. We hope that you find the free resources available on our website useful. At KGLF, you will always be more than a number or case file – you’re family.