South Carolina & North Carolina Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident can have numerous detrimental impacts on a victim including physical and mental pain along with significant financial cost. Whether you have expensive medical bills, are unable to work, or are forced to replace your once reliable vehicle – car accidents can be a major inconvenience and quite costly. 

Car accidents are caused by a variety of factors including but not limited to: distracted driving (texting/talking on the phone, CarPlay, navigation system, etc.), speeding, reckless driving, failing to yield right of way, fatigue, and driving under the influence. Common injuries experienced by those who have been in car accidents are: back injuries, chest injuries, cuts and bruises, internal bleeding, whiplash, or even brain injuries, spinal injuries and broken bones. Our firm represents drivers who were seriously injured by no fault of their own. Don’t face the insurance company alone, we would be honored to help you. Insurance companies will try to convince you to settle quickly and for far less than your claim is worth. 

When you hire Kambrell Garvin Law Firm, LLC, our experienced staff will engage in a review process to determine the cause of the accident, compute the value of your claim, and will push for maximum compensation for our clients. We do all the heavy lifting. From sending letters of representation to the insurance company letting them know that they must come through us, obtaining police and accident reports, conducting thorough investigations, building case theory, hiring accident reconstructionist and experts if necessary, and preserving all relevant information (before it’s lost or destroyed) – our firm’s dedicated staff is committed to helping our clients focus on recovery – not spending time negotiating with an insurance adjuster or worrying about litigation. We compute the value of your claim, and push for maximum compensation for our clients.

Why Our Firm?

Kambrell started his legal career clerking for a prominent insurance, school, and municipal defense firm. He later gained invaluable experience practicing law at one of the top plaintiff’s firms in South Carolina. These experiences equipped Kambrell with the necessary skills to effectively advocate for our clients and obtain justice. As a boutique law firm, we are committed to providing your case the individualized attention that it deserves. 

Attorney Kambrell Garvin will be involved with every aspect of your car accident case thus allowing you to rest easy. Early in his career, Kambrell learned the value of preparing every case for trial from day one. Kambrell knows that building a strong foundation for your case is key – and insurance companies take note of this approach.   Our firm prides itself on providing a modernized legal experience and individually tailored plan for each client’s injury case. We have invested in innovative software that allows us to quickly communicate and provide regular case updates. Our goal is to keep you informed so that you aren’t left guessing about the status of your case.

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To learn more about how our law firm can assist you with your potential car accident case, call us at 803-900-HURT or start a live chat and speak with a team member 24/7. Located in Columbia, our firm is proud to serve clients throughout South Carolina and North Carolina and will meet clients wherever is most convenient for you.